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Find the largest selection of Bull dollies with polyurethane rollers, nylon roller and steel rollers.

Bull dollies are used to move heavy loads. These dollies combine the steel chain style skate design with high capacity rollers. Bull dollies are available with polyurethane, nylon or steel rollers. Users have a choice of different roller material with these load moving trolleys to accommodate different needs. Polyurethane and nylon rollers provide protection against scratching the floor. Poly wheels provide additional resistance against abrasion of the rollers over time. Bull dollies with steel wheels are easiest to roll and withstand rough surfaces.

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Just like the traditional skates, these bull dollies have either a rigid or swivel locking top. A pulling handle can be attached to these load moving dollies to change direction. The bull dollies outfitted with a turntable have a locking mechanism that allows the dolly to be locked into a direction. When ready to turn the dollies, this lock is disengaged to allow for turning of the turntable.

Customers can buy the bull dollies individually and mix and match as required for the application. These rigging carts are also available as a set which includes 4 bull dollies, 2 pulling handles and a case. The bull dollies come in a variety of capacities to accommodate a range of heavy loads.

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